hi note was founded in 2010 by the husband and wife duo Michael and Erin Palermo. It started on a whim, with close friends requesting help designing their baby shower, wedding, and other special event stationery. The trend caught on, and they became overwhelmed with requests to utilize their design skills. That demand turned into a full-fledged graphics and stationery company, hi note. Now, going on their 6th year of business, the ever-expanding hi note team has produced branding, paper goods and countless other unique graphic elements for well over 300 clients, some having up to 30 unique projects for their event.

You can meet each of our team members below to see who’s behind the creativity and talent at hi note, and feel free to contact us for inquiries regarding your special event. Thanks for stopping by!



Erin Palermo headshot

Erin Palermo

Owner, Event Graphics

Erin grew up in the small lake community of Alpine, AL. Following family tradition, she graduated high school and went straight to Auburn University in Auburn, AL. After one year on scholarship as a textile engineering major, Erin decided that she needed to be surrounded with more color and creativity in her life and switched gears to focus on Interior Design. After graduating in 2005 she decided it was time for a change of scenery. She packed her bags and moved to Atlanta where she pursued a career in interiors with the firm tvsdesign. Her experience with the firm, designing retail, hotel and convention spaces lends her a unique perspective on trends, color theory and dynamic layouts.

In her spare time, Erin enjoys eating the delicious meals Michael creates and burning those consumed calories on her mountain bike or walking with their pup Otis. If she ever won the lottery, she would buy a horse farm and take up riding again.


Michael Palermo

Owner, Corporate Graphics

Michael was raised in the heart of horse country: Ocala, FL. He grew up wanting to follow in the footsteps of his brother and become an architect, but Michael soon discovered his fascination was focused on his mentor’s building models, and he decided to pursue a degree in Industrial Design at Auburn University. After realizing he enjoyed designing logos of his products more than the products themselves, he graduated from college and became a graphic designer. His experience working with brands, ranging from General Mills to Turner Networks to The Home Depot, provides him with a keen ability to work with clients to help them visualize and deliver the finished product.

In his spare time, Michael enjoys laser cutting, smoking meat, making beer and doing anything else that doesn’t involve sitting at a desk.


Dana Perkins

Calligrapher, hi note signature

After growing up overseas in Thailand, Dana attended the University of Alabama, graduating with a Masters in Education. She discovered her passion for hand-lettering after being given calligraphy supplies as a gift. What started as a hobby has now turned into an exciting career with hi note! Finding inspiration in anything, from her travels abroad to the daily funnies in her Kindergarten class, Dana brings a unique lettering style to the world of custom calligraphy. Dana is thrilled to be a part of such a creative work family (quite literally as Michael and Erin’s first cousin!).

In her free time, Dana loves to bake, hike with her husband and their two dogs, Buddy & June, and travel to anywhere and everywhere.

Be sure to check out Dana’s own Instagram profile to see all of her latest calligraphy creations.



Head of Security

After three years of top squirrel-hunting positions with various policing organizations, Otis transitioned into the creative world as Head of Security for hi note.

Direct engagement with each client’s challenges and goals continues to drive Otis’s creative leadership. “At the end of the day,” Otis says, “I’m here to receive belly rubs, constant treats, and praise for every bark whether it’s a false alarm or not.”

dolly headshot


In-House Therapist

Dolly is the newest member of the hi note team, coming to us from Angels Among Us, a pet rescue based in Alpharetta, Georgia. Dolly brings us much-needed comfort and therapy during the workday. With a gentle paw, she will always tell you, “It will be OK”.