Bride Guide

The Custom Design Process

Invitation Basics

A typical invitation suite includes a formal invite, response card and envelope and is enclosed with an inner and outer envelope.  Often times additional enclosures are needed in a suite, such as cards with information, directions, maps, reception info, accommodations, and ‘at home’ info. Common invitation sizes are 5”x7”, 4”x9” and 5”x5” square.

Modern day brides have started to break away from tradition by opting for one invitation envelope vs. inner/outer envelopes and response postcards in lieu of a reply card and envelope to save on cost and to be more environmentally responsible.

Check it Once, Check it Twice

Proofing your invitations is essential! Likely, your stationery designer is not your wedding planner and doesn’t know your cousin’s middle name, much less how to spell it, so it is best that you and your fiancé check it once, then check it twice and even have a family member or close friend review your stationery as well to ensure all content is accurate.

Mailing Tips

Wrapping Your Package

The modern day invitation suite usually includes several enclosure cards – directions, accommodations, registries or other pertinent info for your wedding guests.  If you have several of these cards, it is always a good idea to package them together so when your beautiful invitation arrives to your guest, everything is organized and held in place.  Use a pocketfold for more elaborate suites and for those that want to save on costs but not on style, consider a paper or ribbon wrap.


When you stuff your invitations into their envelopes, be sure everything is organized and facing the proper direction.  Think about how your guests will open to view the suite and how you would want them to react to your gorgeous wedding stationery!  Use envelope glue or tape to keep your envelope flap from buckling.  This also ensures they remain sealed throughout the mailing process.


No wedding invitation suite is alike, so be sure you take a finished sample to the post office to weigh before purchasing postage for your invites.  Also, it is customary to include postage on your response postcard or card and envelope so your guests can give their RSVP with ease.

Hand Canceling

We highly recommend ‘hand canceling’ your invitations. This is the ‘old school’ way of postmarking stamps, so they cannot be re-used. Today, canceling of postage happens through a machine. This presents extra opportunity for your envelopes to get bent or even ripped when it makes its way through the machine. Call or visit your local post office before bringing in your invites to ensure they ‘hand cancel’ postage, as not every location does so.