Stock the Bar Party

It isn’t often that I post personal content on our blog (much less blog at all!), but I was cleaning out drawers a couple weekends ago in preparation for Michael and my upcoming move. We bought a house! Hooray! We’ve moved a lot, and anytime we do, I find the strangest things that we have saved or tokens of what we have experienced together in the past, and it gets me all nostalgic (and makes it hard to purge!). Deep down, in a flat file drawer, I found this invitation Michael and I created together for our first shower as an engaged couple – a stock the bar party thrown by a dear friend of ours who will be moving overseas soon. With this sentimental backlog of thoughts, I began to reflect on the day Michael and I made this invitation. We were in our first home we rented together as a couple, and we thought, “How cool would it be to make a stock the bar invite out of kitchen and bar tools?!” So we played around, positioning the utensils on the floor in the kitchen, and standing on the kitchen counter, took photos of the words ‘stock the bar’ spelled out. I can’t believe it’s been over 3 years since that day, and now we will be moving into our 3rd house together – this time as first-time homeowners! I hope you enjoy this special invite – it’s nothing fancy, but we still love the design to this day. That’s the thing about stationery, it may just seem like a piece of paper to some, but to others, it tells a story…that’s what keeps our job so enjoyable! We hope you enjoy viewing more projects from our Social Stationery Portfolio on our website!  You’ll find lots of ideas for your next birthday party, shower, mitzvah or special occasions!